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diamond Lotus necklace | Tourmaline

Lotus Necklace - Diamond Tourmaline Necklace - Compassion Inner Beauty

$ 295.00

The Lotus flower necklace symbolizes the growth of inner beauty. It sits in a murky pond waiting for the warmth of the sun's rays to emerge and reveal its true beauty. The unfolding flower reminds us of our potential. 

Watermelon Tourmaline is the stone of of the heart -compassion and spiritual love. The ancient Egyptians believed that this stone on its journey from the center of the earth eventually passed through a rainbow and that's what gave it its magnificent colors.

Wear this Pink Tourmaline to calm and soothe the heart. It's been said wearing pink tourmaline throughout the day can release stress and worry, creating a calming effect that stems from your heart. The lotus is a reminder that our hearts have infinite potential. 

- 20 inch Tourmaline vermeil chain
- Pave Diamond Lotus pendant

Yoga Inspired Jewelry Designs to Feed the Soul!

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