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Mandala Silver Earrings-  | Inner Beauty |Buddhas Compassion - Pranajewelry

Mandala Silver Earrings- | Inner Beauty |Buddhas Compassion

$ 76.00

Mandala Earrings remind us to find the truth within. Mandala earrings conveys a world larger than our own; bringing us into a realm of brilliant beauty.
A mandala defines a sacred space. It is a circle; which reveals an inner truth about you or the world that surrounds you. Mandala art has been used throughout the world for self-expression; spiritual transformation; and personal growth.From Native American; Buddhist and Tibetan sand paintings to Gothic rose windows and Hindu yantras; mandalas are used as symbols for meditation; protection and healing.

The hand etched detail of this open Mandala pendant
Finished in matte Sterling silver and measures 20mm in diameter

Yoga Inspired jewelry for the modern spiritual soul. 

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