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Bohemian Bracelets | Druzy Bracelets

Bohemian Bracelets | Druzy Bracelets | "Dust from Fallen Stars"

$ 42.00

Bohemian Druzy bracelets capture the essence of your free spirit. Gorgeous gemstone Druzy  is known as "The Stone of Star Dust or Fairy Dust."  It refers to tiny dust of diamond-like  crystals of various colors scattered on the face of the gemstone. It's magic lifts spirits.

 These gorgeous handmade  druzy gemstone bracelets will bring a soulful, chic and bohemian look to your outfits.With their soft and smoky colors, they bring a touch of understated elegance, and a little dash of carefree sparkle to your wrists! But each beaded bracelet is also gorgeous worn alone for a quieter and more soulful look. They especially come to life at night though, like the "Dust from Fallen Stars"  they love the opportunity to sparkle, shine and show-off!

Blue Lapis with gorgeous smokey druzy with a beautiful sparkle

Smokey Quartz with sparkling crystalline druzy

Jade with vintage blue druzy

Onyx with gorgeous twinkling druzy 

Bohemian bracelets to free your spirit.  

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