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Resilience Lotus Bracelets | River Rock Onyx

Resilience Lotus Bracelets | River Rock Onyx

$ 35.00

Lotus bracelet reminds us to be persistence in following our dreams. Every day the lotus emerges from the mud to  blossom into its pristine beauty. The resilience of the lotus inspires us to keep following our journey.  The lotus is a symbol of peace, purity, and enlightenment. Wear this bracelet every day to remind yourself to bloom into the beauty that resides within. 

  • Lotus bead - sterling silver 
  • Size (mm) 14X11X5
  • Matte river rock beads 
  • Faceted Black Onyx Beads 
  • Sterling silver discs
  • All Bracelets 7 inches
  • Stretch elastic bracelet 
  • Beaded bracelets 

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