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Lotus Necklace

Lotus Necklace | Mangalsutra | Awakening | Spinel Gemstones

$ 154.00

Stunning Lotus necklace embodies the resilient nature of the lotus flower. Mangalsutra necklaces are worn by women in India. They are believed to have divine powers. Each of the black beads in the Mangalsutra, signify protection from evil power and believed to protect relationships.
The Lotus flower symbolizes the growth of inner beauty. It sits in a murky pond waiting for the warmth of the suns rays to emerge and reveal its true beauty. In many Eastern cultures; the Lotus flower symbolizes purity; new beginnings; and divine birth. The unfolding flower embodies the endless ocean of creation. This powerful necklace brings protection and new beginnings.

Beautiful black spinnel adorned with a large lotus pendant.

  • Large Lotus size 36x31x1.5 (mm).
  • 20 inch Vermeil black Spinnel chain
  • spinel gemstones 
  • vermeil pendant ( sterling silver dipped in 24K gold) 

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