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Chakra jewelry

Chakra Gemstone Necklace - Balance

$ 68.00

According to cultures in the Far East, our body structure is divided into energy fields called chakras. The chakras are arranged lengthwise in the body & are in balance with each other.The Chakra jewelry generates good fortune, good health, happiness, prosperity
Affirmation – I deserve my own place to exist in freedom
Affirmation – I am allowed to create my own space, my own life
Affirmation-I allow myself o be strong and to stand up for myself
Affirmation – I allow myself to feel. My emotions are valid and right.
Affirmation – I allow myself to express freely. I assert myself.
Affirmation- I may have my own dreams & aspirations
Affirmation-I allow myself to heal and to be healed.
- Sterling silver charms 
- various faceted, hand wrapped gemstones 
- Sterling silver 18 inch Italian chain

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