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Mangalsutra Lotus Spinnel Necklace- Protection - Pranajewelry

Mangalsutra Lotus Spinnel Necklace- Protection

$ 108.00

Dramatic black spinnel necklace adorned with a 24K gold Gold vermeil lotus. Worn by women in India; and believed to provide divine powers. Each of the black beads in the "Mangalsutra"; signify protection from evil power and are believed to protect relationships.
Lotus flower symbolizes the growth of inner beauty. It sits in a murky pond waiting for the warmth of the suns rays to emerge and reveal its true beauty. The unfolding flower embodies the endless ocean of creation.

- Spinnel Gemstone chain is 20 inches
- Gold Vermeil Lotus pendant; Measures (mm):21 x 13.7x 3

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