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Tree of Life Spinnnel  Necklace

Mangalsutra |Tree of Life Necklace | Grounding Nurturing Protection

$ 156.00

Mangulsutra Black gemstone necklace, worn by women in India, believed to provide divine powers. Each of the black beads in the "Mangalsutra", signify protection from evil. Its black stones protect relationships with loved ones.

The Tree of Life gathers nourishment from mother earth & reaches to the heavens. It grounds us & creates balance.

  • 24K Gold Vermeil Tree of Life pendant
  • Size 20x20x1.3(mm)
  • Adjustable 20" necklace chain
  • Beaded gemstones on gold plated silver wire.
  • Gemstones vary in size; from 2-3mm

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