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Lotus Ruby Necklace

Lotus Ruby Necklace | Love Prosperity Beauty

$ 92.00

Lotus Necklace celebrates the power of the lotus - strength, beauty and resilience. The Lotus necklace embraces the unbreakable bond between the spirit and love. Its beautiful ruby gemstones remind us of the strength of love and loyalty. The Lotus flower symbolizes the growth of inner beauty. It sits in a murky pond waiting for the warmth of the suns rays to emerge and reveal its true beauty. 
In ancient times; the Ruby represented passion; courage; freedom and divine powers. Ancient Hindus considered them as 'Ratnaraj' or king of all precious stones. It was always carried during battles. It was believed that Rubies would make friends of enemies. Rubies are the symbol of wealth and prosperity. Ruby is the July Birthstone

- Ruby is also the July Birthstone
- 24K Gold Vermeil Lotus; size 19x15x1 (mm).
- 18 inch Gold filled chain

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