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Granet January Birthstones - New Year's resolutions

The healing powers of garnet are said to extend beyond just physical benefits. Many people believe that this gemstone can also have a positive impact on the emotional and spiritual well-being of those who wear it.

One of the most notable properties of garnet is its ability to promote feelings of love and passion. This gemstone is often associated with strong, positive relationships and is said to help bring people together. If you are looking to start the New Year off on a positive note in your personal relationships, wearing garnet jewelry could be a good way to set that intention.

In addition to its associations with love, garnet is also said to have grounding and balancing properties. It is believed to help bring stability and order to the wearer's life, which can be especially helpful as you set new goals and resolutions for the coming year.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate the healing powers of garnet into your New Year's resolutions, consider adding some garnet jewelry to your collection. Whether it's a garnet ring to symbolize your commitment to love and positive relationships, or a garnet necklace to help bring balance and stability to your life, this beautiful gemstone can be a powerful reminder of your intentions for the year ahead.

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Sanskrit Jewelry Collection

Stunning handmade sterling silver Rig Veda Collection. This collection was inspired by ancient text.

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Its Fall - Warm up your wardrobe

We are getting ready for Christmas season. Its going to great. We have some great things we have been waiting for. Our vendors from all over the world have been great. WE have been getting shipments trickle in. Check out someof our classic items, while you give us a moment to update our website

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Bracelets Boho Chic Designs

Boho Jewelry reflects individualism, a love of nature, a free spirited lifestyle, and a relaxed and peaceful attitude

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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend - Because we are Warriors

Bold beautiful jewelry designs inspired by women who show strength and perseverance every day.

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