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There’s No Place Like Home: Sacred Symbol Jewelry for the Journey

yoga jewelry

Each one of our jewelry pieces are thoughtfully created  to inspire an intention. An Intention, to create a journey. A journey that is sacred and timeless to each wearer. Our stunning bracelets, necklaces and earrings are timeless and meaningful. We curate a collection inspired by ancient traditions, yet inspired for the modern spiritual soul. 

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June birthstone Jewelry - For Those Special Late Spring and Early Summer Birthdays

birthstone jewelry june birthdays June birthstone pearl jewelry

Happy Birthday to all those born in June! Your birthstone is the pearl, which signifies purity, innocence, beauty, and foresight. Pearls once believed to be tears of the Gods, symbolize innocence, purity, and faith. It enhances the personal integrity and clears the mind for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Here are some must-have pieces in Pearl >>SHOP NOW 

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“If you want to honor a special place in your heart by showcasing it on your person, we have the one-of-a-kind, handmade piece for you!”

birthstone jewelry gifts personalize jewelry

We love doing customized pieces for special people. We had a mother in law who purchased a necklace for her daughter in law. It included the birthstone of her grandchild and a personalized letter for the child's name. The daughter inlaw then purchased her mother inlaw a bracelet with a dove and a personalized letter and gemstone for the grandchild. Last week we got a call - A new addition! We are adding new letter charms for a new baby sister with emerald gemstones. Precious thoughtful and beautiful. A bond between a mother in law and daughter and in law and the kids they love.

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Be Inspired by the Feminine Spirit

Be Inspired to be an empowered woman with vision and grace. Soft hearted but strong, self-aware and sure. Be respected for your mind. Admired for your heart. Always be honest, open and raw. Our beautiful collection of lotus and Hamsa jewelry remind us to keep that spirit close to our hearts.  

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Affirmation for Today - Keep it Kind

Don't let the whirlwind of today's news cycle get you caught up in a war of words. Keep your words kind and true - it's bound to be contagious.

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