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Tree of life Jewelry Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace | Lotus | Grounding Nurturing Dreams | Smokey Quartz, Citrine, Pyrite

$ 85.00

Tree of life necklace nourishes our souls to be grounded. Tree of life gathers nourishment from mother earth and reaches to the heavens. It symbolizes stability and strength while reminding us to reach for our dreams. The lotus reminds us of our inner beauty as it merges from the murky water to reveal its true beauty.

Grounding trio of stones:
- Smoky quartz "keeps your feet on the ground". It is a grounding stone and a stone that can bring out earth energy. It will protect your energy and endurance.
- Pyrite enhances your willpower good for developing good health habits
- Citrine prosperity; not only will citrine attract money and success; it will help you keep it
- Sterling silver Tree of life; Size(mm)15
- Tiny Lotus in Sterling Silver; Size (mm)15x8
- Faceted Citrine tear drop gemstone
- Faceted Smokey Quartz gemstone
- Faceted Pyrite Gemstone
- 18 inch satellite silver Italian chain
- Yoga Inspired Designs to Feed the Soul!

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