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Chakra Gemstone Tassel Necklaces

Tassle Gemstone Necklaces - Clearance

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Bohemian gemstone necklaces. The 7 chakras  help heal the mind, body and spirit. Our Chakra Healing necklaces  were created with powerful chakra stones,to balance, cleanse and align your chakras.  Each one corresponding to one of your chakras.  Stack them all for a luscious vibrant sparkle of color. Wear one of each day. Bring the power of Chakras  to bring balance and harmony. 


Garnet- Affirmation – I deserve my own place to exist in freedom.
Carnelian -Affirmation – I am allowed to create my own space, my own life.
Citrine - Affirmation-I allow myself o be strong and to stand up for myself.
Peridot - Affirmation – I allow myself to feel. My emotions are valid and right.
Aquamarine - Affirmation – I allow myself to express freely. I assert myself.
Apatite- Affirmation- I may have my own dreams & aspirations.
Amethyst - Affirmation-I allow myself to heal and to be healed.
  • 34 Inches
  • 2 inch Tassel
  • Chakra Necklaces 

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