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Baeded Gemstone Necklace

Embrace The Power of Divine Goddess Necklace Collection | Laxmi | Durga | Saraswati | Guan Yin

$ 72.00

Laxmi - Wealth Prosperity - Moonstone  Harness Goddess Laxmi's energy to invoke wealth and prosperity.  Goddess Laxmi stands a the lotus of purity harnessing prosperity with happiness and bliss.   Lakshmi is best known as a goddess of wealth and well-being, she also maintains a strong presence, as the goddess of spiritual power, and harnesses the force that exists within each individual. Moonstone beads bring new beginnings and love. 

  • Stunning Moonstone Necklace 24 Inches 
  • Brass Penadnt 35x14(MM)

Durga - Protector - Garnet Embrace the fiery power of this goddess. She is the protector of righteousness and destroyer of evil. She represents the divine light that is the embodiment of feminine and creative energy. Stunning fiery Garnet gemstone beads embrace the protective spirit of the  goddess Dura. 

  • Stunning Garnet Beaded Necklace 24 inches 
  • Brass pendant 30x21(mm)

Saraswati | Knowledge Wisdom AmethystLet this Goddess arm you with the knowledge and wisdom to follow your true path.  Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and arts. Her beautiful Veena instrument echos wisdom. She is often known to endow human beings with the powers of speech and wisdom.

  • Stunning Amethyst beaded necklace 24 inches 
  • Brass Pendant Saraswati 34x26 (MM)

Guan Yin | Compassion - Chrysoprase  Let the power of this Goddess harness the strength of compassion. She embodies the spirit  of mothers, daughters, sisters who harness their inner compassion to keep the world safe. Guan Yin was the goddess of mercy and compassion who became the patron of sailors and fishermen. She is the "One Who Gazes Down Upon the World and Hears the Cries of the People".

  • Stunning Chrysoprase Necklace w24 Inches 
  • Brass pendant 30MM 


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