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Mandala Gold  Earrings- Buddha's Inner Truth - Pranajewelry

Mandala Gold Earrings- Buddha's Inner Truth

$ 96.00

Mandala Earrings in 24kt Gold over Sterling Silver.
Hand etched detail covers the surface; an intricate lacing of geometric design reminiscent of distant cultures and earlier times.
A mandala defines a sacred space. It is a circle; which reveals an inner truth about you or the world that surrounds you.

- Mandala Buddhist art has been used throughout the world for self-expression; spiritual transformation; and personal growth. From Native American and Tibetan sand paintings to Gothic rose windows and Hindu yantras; mandalas are used as symbols for meditation; protection and healing.
- Earrings size 30mm
- Yoga Inspired Earrings Artsian Designed to Feed the Soul

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