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Buddhist Lotus Necklace

Buddhist Lotus Necklace | Emerald Gemstones | Harmony Beauty

$ 92.00

Stunning emeralds and Lotus necklace reminds us to find our inner divinity. The Lotus sits in a murky pond waiting for the warmth of the suns rays to emerge and reveal its true beauty. The lotus evolves like the progression of the soul. Inspiring us to rise from the darkness into enlightenment.
In Buddhism, the Lotus flower symbolizes purity, a new beginning, and divine birth.
Emeralds symbolize Love. The Greeks associated emeralds with Aphrodite; the Goddess of love and beauty. It is still linked to love and wealth.

- 24K Gold Vermeil Lotus Charm ; size 19x15x1 (mm). 
- 18" gold filled Chain
- Yoga Inspired Jewelry Designs to Feed the Soul

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