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Buddhist Lotus Necklace

Celebrate the Resilience of the Feminine Spirit Necklace | Gold Lotus Necklace

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Lotus necklace celebrates the feminine spirit. Her strength arises out of chaos. No matter what comes her way she arises with the suns rays. The Lotus flower symbolizes the infinite strength of nature.

Emeralds  -  active your inner Goddess.  Aphrodite the Goddess of love conquered anything that came her way with the power of her beauty.  

Ruby  - embraces the power of love and compassion  July Birthstone 

Peridot gemstones are the symbol of fame. They bring us closer to our loved ones; while boosting our motivation and confidence to make our dreams come alive.

Turquoise Gemstone  The turquoise is also the symbol of friendship. The stone that binds and protects friendship and family. December birthstone. 

Sapphires are the stones of prosperity.

Garnet  is the stone of love, Its deep red color makes our hearts glow. January Birthstone. 

  • 24K Gold Vermeil Lotus Charm 
  • Lotus size 19x15x1 (mm). 
  • 18" gold filled Chain
  • Hand wrapped gemstones 
  • ruby gemstones
  • emerald gemstones
  • Sapphire gemstones
  • peridot gemstones
  • garnet gemstones

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