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Mens Bronze Coin Necklace

Mens Bronze Coin Necklace - Strength Power Wisdom

$ 31.00

Natural Bronze Ancient Coin Charm with Lion Head. Replica of ancient Greek coins. Symbolic meanings of lions revolve around strength, leadership, and protection. They are protectors of homes.
Size (mm)25x20x2

Natural Bronze Ancient Ganesh Coin Charm. "Wherever there is Ganesh, there is Success and Prosperity". He is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence, luck and fortune. He is the remover of obstacles, and believed to be the harbinger of good fortune.
Size (mm) 21x14x3

Bronze Ancient Coin Owl Charm. Replica of an ancient Greek coin. In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of war, wisdom, strength, crafts, justice and skill.Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge.
Size (mm) 25x20x2

Natural Bronze Ancient Coin Charm with Griffin. Replica of an ancient Greek coin. The griffin combines the symbolic qualities of two solar creatures, the lion and the eagle. It is the king of birds and lord of the air united with the king of beasts and lord of the earth. Griffins are a symbol of the sun, wisdom, vengeance, strength, and salvation.
Size (mm) 22x18x2

Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. Our Thai bronze has an anti-tarnish compound mixed into the metal alloy that will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation.

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