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Beaded Diamond Bracelets - Horn bracelet

Luxe Beaded Diamond Bracelets - All that Sparkles Diamond

$ 125.00

Beautiful pave Diamond Bracelet Collection. Unique handmade bracelets infused with luscious gemstones and diamonds. Each carrying a special message of courage. Meaningful pieces for everyday wear. 

Wisdom  - Onyx Gemstone | Mother of Pearl | Pave Diamond 

Warrior - Onyx Gemstone | Pave Diamond Spearhead Charm 

Fame/ New Beginnings  - Peridot Gemstones | Pave Lotus Diamond Petal 

Buddhas Tears - Iolite Gemstones | Diamond Tear Drop 

Prosperity - Sapphire Gemstones | Pave Diamond Moon Charm 

Intuition - Sapphire Gemstones | Pave Diamond Bindi Charm 

Devotion - Sodolaite Gemstones | Pave Diamond Cross Charm 

Mystic - Labradorite Gemstones | Pave Diamond Moon Charm 

 Lucky Bamboo - Labradorite Gemstones | Pave Diamond Charm 

Harmony - Garnet Gemstones | Ruby Om Charm 

Love Devotion - Garnet Gemstones | Pave Diamond Moon Charm

Diamonds originate from the Greek word "adamas;" meaning unconquerable and indestructible. The Greeks believed the fire in the diamond reflected the constant flame of love. It is the symbol of protection and devotion. Diamond is a sign of commitment. It inspires the forces of accumulation; attracting the manifestation of abundance. 

  • All Bracelets are 7 inches 
  • Made with Durable elastic for every day wear ease and comfort 
  • Beaded Stretch bracelets 
  • Handmade 
  • Made and shipped in the USA 

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