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Sanskrit Veda Diamond Bracelet | Knowledge | Protection

Sanskrit Veda Diamond Bracelet | Knowledge | Protection

$ 150.00

Sanskrit diamond mala bracelet is as lyrical as the sentiments expressed in ancient Sanskrit characters of the Rig Veda. These characters, excerpted from the melodious hymns of the Rigveda, spell out messages of goodwill, love, and protection.Rig means knowledge, it imparts the purpose of our existence.  It provides direction on how to live our lives to the fullest. The Rig Veda is a collection of inspired songs or hymns and a guidebook of information on the Rig Vedic civilization. It is the oldest book in any Indo-European language and contains the earliest form of all Sanskrit mantras that date back to 1500 B.C. - 1000 B.C.
The rig Veda accounts in detail the social, religious, political, and economic background of the Rig-Vedic civilization.

Mantra Ritual: Breathe Prana breathe. Find a mantra and repeat 9 times. Wear your bracelet and let it be with you all day. 

Thought: "One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light.
The sacred flame of your inner shrine is constantly bright. The experience of unity
is the fulfillment of human endeavors. The mysteries of life are revealed.
(Rig Veda)

Beautiful yoga jewelry inspired by the journey. Delicate diamond spacers protect the ancient Sanskrit hymns. 
Yoga Jewelry Inspired by the Journey
  • Black Onyx Beads 
  • Sterling silver charm 
  • Diamond spacers 
  • 7 Inch elastic bracelet 

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