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Silver Dove Necklace

Freedom Necklace | Silver Dove Necklace | Sapphire Gemstone Necklace

$ 45.00 $ 58.00

Dove necklace spreads peace and love. Doves have been the symbol of freedom. Egyptians believed the dove was as symbol of quiet innocence. The Chinese felt the dove was a symbol of peace and long life. To early Greeks and Romans; doves represented love and devotion; and care for a family. The dove was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus; the goddesses of love. The dove also symbolized the peaceful soul for many cultures.
Sapphire is the stone of prosperity. It quiets our minds and brings us peace and serenity.
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  • Sterling silver dove charm
  • size (mm) 18.8x13.5x1.2 
  • 18 inch sterling silver satellite chain
  • hand wrapped Sapphires

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