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Bojo bracelets

Yoga Inspired Charm Bracelets | Om | Lotus

$ 38.00

Simple comfortable Suede bracelets remind you to keep inspired and spiritual. Wrap bracelets with an inspirational mantra. Create Harmony. Find your inner beauty. Overcome difficulties. 

Om -Om is the sound of life, shimmering through the universe- providing life and sustenance to everything.   It reminds us we are all connected. Fill the hearts of your connections with kindness and love. 

Lotus bell - The Lotus Bell radiates a dainty ring to cleanse the air and symbolizes the growth of inner beauty.

Lotus Leaf - The lotus flower is a reminder that we all have the ability to rise above and overcome life's difficulties, for although it has its roots in the mud, it rises with the pure light of sun to emerge into its true beauty. 

  • Easy and comfortable to wear every day. 
  • Hilltribe charms and beds in fine silver. 
  • Adjustable bracelets 

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